Places to see on a European cruise

There are so many countries and cities to see around Europe, and a perfect blend of culture for all kinds of people.They all have a different appeal and have the ‘must see’ attractions. A European cruise offers many different options and places to travel to, so you are guaranteed an adventurous time wherever you choose! Here are a few places that many people recommend as the top place to see on a European cruise.

Rome is known as the Eternal City and is famous for the Vatican,ancient Coliseums,Medici’s and so much more.The Italian capital offers it’s visitors so much to see and do, and is just a short one hour ride from the port of Civitavecchia.If you only have a short time to visit the attractions in Rome, these are recommended places to visit. St Peters Basilica in the Vatican City,the Roman Forum and the mighty Coliseums,the Trevi Fountain and be blown away by the fantastic architecture of Bernini and art of Michelangelo and Raphael.

Monte Carlo is known to many as the most glamourous city in the world.Some of the richest and wealthiest people around the globe live and visit here.You will see the huge yachts in the harbour which are owned by billionaires, and the countless Ferraris and Aston Martins being driven around the city.Great attractions here are the Hotel de Paris, famous for it’s casino and all round entertainment.You can take a tour of the Royal Palace, and Jacques Cousteau’s Oceanarium is an outstanding place to visit.Be sure to look your best in the playground of the rich.

Paris in known as the most popular cities in the world.This city has many places to visit and the most obvious is the beautiful Eiffel Tower.You can get a fabulous views of the whole of Paris what you don’t see on ground level.  If you want some culture, you must visit the Louvre, where you can find the Mona Lisa amongst hundreds of other great findings.No matter what age you are, the Left Bank offer great eateries and fine wine, and an upbeat and vibrant atmosphere for everyone to enjoy.Paris can be visited when your ship calls in the ports of Le Havre or Calais  or if you are taking a river cruise on either the Seine or Rhone Rivers.

We will finish with London.Most ports are just a couple of hours away and there are easy travel options to get you there.London is one of the most visited places in the world. You can get city tours which take in the fantastic Buckingham Palace,the Tower of London and Tower Bridge.The British Museum and the National Gallery are also a must see for history and paintings. And of course, you will not be dissapointed if you like shopping. With places such as Harrods,Harvey Nichols and Marks and Spencer to spend your money, there is also the famous Oxford Street.

Think about cruising through Paris and Beyond

Cruises in Europe are a whole breezy type of outing that individual should try and visit once in their life.  Think Paris for a finest place to go first and if you think of romance it is the finest place that you can stay.

Enjoy the shade of the sun at Le Paris Plage beach for a couple and if you are single you can still love the place.  Most ships come standard with plenty of restaurants, daycare areas for kids, and night life for the whole family.  Cruises to Spain are packed full of features for any traveler to enjoy.

If you wish to take your family aboard a cruise ship to Spain, you may want to consider a Disney Cruise.  The newest ships should be ready soon and available to book for travel now that Disney cruises has added Spain to their list of ports of call.  You can take cruises to the countries you want to see from a variety of ports, some round trip (like depart from and return to Barcelona, Spain) and some are one way.

If you want to see all of the countries that you mentioned you probably need to take a 12 day cruise.  Some cruises are 7 days and others are 12 days.  You will find Barcelona to be very lively, with amazing architecture.  In Barcelona, visit the Gothic quarter, with parts that dates back to the roman times.  There, you can take a walk on famous 1.2 kilometres street long Las Ramblas.  This popular street has a lot of sidewalk cafes, flower stalls and street entertainers.

If you like museums, there are also lots to do for you in Barcelona.  Of the more than 328 million vacations Americans planned this summer, about 33 million were cruises, according to the Travel Industry Association.  The Mediterranean cruises industry is incredibly buoyant, as is the cruise industry in general.  Mediterranean cruises are in huge demand.

The beautiful lands of the Mediterranean have an abundance of culture, history and fun.  The wide variety of ports offer something of interest to everyone.  During your European river cruises Spain on Douro covers most parts connected cities between Spain and Portugal. Particularly these portions are very narrow and these were well used in historic battles.

European cruises tend to be expensive relative to North American cruises, especially when one adds the cost of airfare from the U.S. However, cruising is a way of controlling your costs by pre-paying most of your expenses in U.S. dollars.  So all these places got important history back ground too for visitors to enjoy and feel.

Cruising to Spain and Italy

When you look for other European cruise ports in Italy, you will see that there are so many to look forward to. So, there is the island of Sardinia which is near the Emerald Coast. When you are in Naples and viewing the amazing sites, certainly don’t miss the small trip to Pompeii.

Pompeii is an excavation of this well known lost city. If you decide to have a stop in Livorna you will get to have permission to approach the Florence, and the famous Leaning Tower.  Other European cruise ports in Italy are the island of Sardinia along the Emerald Coast; the city of Naples, overlooked by Mount Vesuvius; and the magical island of Capri.

While in Naples, don’t miss the short trip to Pompeii to the excavation of this famed lost city.  A stop in Livorna will allow you access to Pisa to visit the famous Leaning Tower, and Florence, where you can visit the famed Medici family art collection at Palazzo Pitti.

European cruises tend to be expensive relative to North American cruises, especially when one adds the cost of airfare from the U.S. However, cruising is a way of controlling your costs by pre-paying most of your expenses in U.S. dollars. In addition, most European cruise ports are user-friendly and can be thoroughly explored for about $10 per person   Cruises from Barcelona  are an ideal way of enjoying a variety of Med Cruises. You can add a few nights in one of Europe’s finest cities and there are itineraries from 7 to 11 nights on a variety of ships.

European river cruises in Spain start in Seville. This takes a head towards Guadalquivir by touching Mediterranean part of Portugal towards the Guadiana into Spain again.

In this European river cruise Spain coach ride and guided tour of Cordoba are usual.

You could cruise Spain and Portugal, Madeira and then the Canaries. That takes us south of the Azores High, in the typically easterly circulation, with lows well to the north. This is about 5800 miles to the Bahamas via the West Indies. It should be an easy trip for  Wind Horse  and us. But, we are cruising in some densely populated areas, not really our thing. And leaving the boat for a couple of months in the Canaries and flying round trip to the States is not to be lightly undertaken.

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